Heck of a deal

I’ve decided that I’m finally going to pick up an XBox tommorrow, I thought this was a timely bit of information. This is what some of the popular video game consoles costed at launch, and what they cost now converted in today’s exchange rates. (Some information taken from IGN.) So relatively, I don’t feel so bad about dropping a little bit of cash on something nice for myslef anymore. (Something I havn’t been able to do in quite a while.)

So anyways..

Atari VCS
1977 – $249.99
2005 – $811.21

Sega Genesis
1989 – $249.99
2005 – $389.67

Super Nintendo
1991 – $199.99
2005 – $282.21

1996 – $199.99
2005 – $242.75

Playstation 1
1995 – $299.99
2005 – $372.01


One response to “Heck of a deal

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