Who are you, really?

It’s funny how after you’ve been at colege for quite a while, some things begin to become more apparant. For instance, how overly seriously some people tend to take themselves. For example, take a certain news editor (please). (S)he tends to make his or her job much more complicated than it should be, therefore making the process harder than it should be for everyone else. The person is also overly strict for a newspaper at a college that doesn’t even have a journalism major, citing that biases should remain out, and yet promotes themselves in thier “weekly newsletter” that they are oh so proud of. What’s sad is that the person makes it overly obvious that they are a complete two-face, as they are completely sweet and honest in real life, and a complete ass in thier online correspondance.

I see this happen continually with people who gain some sort of responsibility. Not all, though. Most people who gain responsibility at school are those who can completely be trusted and honestly, you couldn’t imagine anyone else doing the job. But then there are certain bad apples who seem to have conned and sweet talked thier way into power. Another example; most who gain some sort of chair or office in SGA. They tend to think that whatever they do, as pointless as it may be, is above everyone else. Anything they do, as useless as it may be, is a service to the students, and they deserve to be put on a pedastal while everyone sucks up to them.

Thank goodness these descriptions only apply to a select few. And thank goodness that they are there. They allow me and others to see what not to do and exactly how not to carry ourselves. Perhaps that’s why they are there, to serve as examples to the rest of us whom are really carrying thier weight.


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