Look What You’ve Done

If this had happened a year ago, I probably wouldn’t have cared. But since I had a Government class last Fall that taught me just how much power the U.S. Supreme Court has right now (it’s actually kinda scary), it has a little more meaning to me. I’m very glad that Miers withdrew her nomination, as she was just a fortunate daughter of the Bush administration with no real experience. I think the new guy will be fine, however. I lean to the left myself, but I don’t really categorize myself as anything. I disagree and agree with all the parties usually pretty equally.

It’s also kind of nice to see ‘Bush and Friends’ in so much trouble over the past week, as really, they’re getting worse and worse. I hope everybody that voted Bush in and also thinks that Adam and Eve rode to church on dinosaurs is happy with thier choice. (I know, that’s funny isn’t it? It’s Tina Fey’s.) I also think it proves how ignorant the public has really become. We were given fair warning in the first four years as to exactly how bad the administration really is, and we seemed to find it fitting to give them a second chance anyways. Not only is the country not going to be in the black, like, ever again.. Not only have we lost over 2,000 guys in a venture that’s based on false pretenses.. (see under Libby, Scooter & Rove, Karl) Not only have hundreds died in New Orleans because of ill-prepared disaster relief that was supposed to be beefed up after 9/11…

I mean I could go on. Certianly, a wild night with an intern seems trivial compared to all that.


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