Rock The Vote!

So, I’ve been really getting caught up in watching The West Wing lately. I have hardly watched any TV shows on a regular basis at all in the past few years, but I’ve gotten hooked on the show. Although I know I’m in the minority because I really enjoy the new episodes about the new campaign over the old episodes that just focused on the in-house President. The older ones are still enjoyable, but don’t really have the same vibe that I like.

Or it could just be that I’m biased because Hawkeye is running against Bail Organna.

I sat down and watched the live “debate” episode tonight too and was pretty impressed. If it were a real election, I’d vote for Jimmy Smitts / Matt Santos. But since it’s just a show, I have to say that Alan Alda completely owns the show nowadays. It hasn’t been as obvious as it has lately, but it’s becoming more and more apparent that his charecter is the “heel” that is the villan of sorts. I suspect that the writers want to portray him as a Republican candidate not unlike Bush because he comes across as a highly strung sort of politician that is just in the game for his own interests. Santos on the other hand seems genuinely sincere, although he doesn’t really know his PR very well.

But ohboyohboy, Alan Alda is such a good actor. Even in a live performance like that, he makes me hate his charecter, even though I love him as a person and as an actor.


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