In Your Face!

I don’t really intend for this to be some sort of uber-political blog. I guess I am just interested in stuff like that since this would normally be the time of a mid-term or Presidential election. Plus baseball is over with and there isn’t really much else interesting going on in the public sphere right now..

I should go ahead and state before I get into this that, contrary to what you may have gathered from my previous quotes, I’m very middle of the road. Although I do lean left and liberally on many things, there are a few things I don’t really care for on the Democratic agenda. And I’m both smart and naive enough to know that I don’t really belong in any paticular third party because, well, they never win. They are all nice and fuzzy and serve a good purpose and all, but thier candidates never win. That said, I don’t really care to align myself with either third parties or the major two parties, although I do vote kinda liberally most of the time. But I’d never vote for a Paul Hubbard kind of guy (if you are an Alabamian worth your salt, you know of what I speak).

…but anyways…..

I went out to a debate between the UAH College Democrats and Republicans last night, which was very cool. At UAH, it’s always hard to pull a crowd for anything that doesn’t involve free stuff of some kind, but there was a big crowd anyways. Hopefully, I can remain objective about it because I’m at least close to middle of the road. But the Democrats cleaned house. Nearly every point they made was backed up by statistics, quotes, and polls. Everything the Republicans had to say was initiated by stuff like “Well, my mom said..” or “Oh, well my postman said..” It got pretty pathetic about an hour into it, especially when it came to a question concerning the media. One of the Republicans (who is normally a very strong and bright woman) mentioned that she didn’t want our country to get to the point where we would burn books. But then a Democrat commented that they did just that when they burned Dixie Chicks CD’s. I can’t really do it justice because you would have had to heard it in context, but it was just one of those “IN YOUR FACE” type of moments that just owned.

I tried to be pretty vocal without actually being vocal during the debate. Because in my opinion, in public discourse like that, it’s the civic duty of the audience to respond in some way to give another type of feedback to the main speakers. Most of it was directed towards many of the lackluster points the Republicans made, which rubbed many of them the wrong way. Tough. If you can’t do your homework enough to even hold your own without looking completely ridiculous in a public forum like that, you deserve to be slightly ridiculed.

I wish we had more of those. I especially wish that we would have more which would be more open and involve the audience more. They are a lot of fun.


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