Pray For The Future

I’ve always been sort of condescending upon MySpace pages. I hate them. By nature, they always look terrible and make your eyes bleed from your retina. I know that sometimes content can overcome lacking design, but I also know that when that happens, the design is usually minimalistic. But as you probably know, the content on MySpace isn’t exactly Hemingway either. Even if you somehow manage to pull off something nice and convincing, your ethos isn’t exactly credible because of the reputation and history of other users of that service.

I always thought I was one of the few who noticed this, but hopefully I won’t be for much longer because it’s hitting the national scene now. Yet another rich white girl had been kidnapped, but this time we had exact proof of just how dim-witted she is via her MySpace profile.

From Sperro News

    Her webpage is pink, and she talked online like most teens using acronyms and incomplete sentences, the shorthand of the net, throughout her postings.

    “the stoners came over two nights ago! heh..that was fun! i got to talk to them both..awesome awesome..and today i went running with alita..that was nice! yep! my mother was kinda upset cause we didnt get back til 530 and i had soccer practice..ohh well..yeah soccer was ok i guess…it’s almost over….one more game on sunday…then yepp…ha otay i dont really have anything else to say. — October 19, 2005

Now yes, I realize all of the details of the story and what happened beforehand. Which was sad and regrettable, of course. And I won’t pass judgement on anything as I refuse to be an irrevelant talking head. But I’m talking about this in a broader context, not specifically in terms of this incident. It goes to show how terrible our consumption and production of information is right now. The media continues to focus on soap-operatic stories like this, and the consumers of which are obviously just as stupid as they are expected to be.

I did some digging around and discovered thier respective profiles which are here and here. Look for yourself. This is the future of our country, apparently. This is how they communicate, speak, see visually. And now they are a part of the mass media that created them.

I know this post will come across as harsh, but believe me, it’s only as harsh as the truth of the matter.


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