Content vs. Design

I havn’t really been too sure exactly what I’d like to do with this blog at all.

As for design, using a pre-designed template is so not me, but in a medium where the message should be the main thing, I really hate to do anything too flashy. So come to think of it, I don’t mind too much. I just don’t want it to be lost in suburbia just like everything else that looks like everything else. As for content, I think I’d like to let it remain hanging loose. I do realize that the only blogs that actually grab anyone’s attention are those that belong to someone who is uber-popular or retain some sort of main focus like technology or Washington. But then again, I don’t really care if it doesn’t become too popular.

To be honest, I think “blogging” as it was when I had a semi-popular blog is passe now. Its ethos and credibility has been killed over by all these guys who want to pretend that they have a journalism degree and supposid inside sources in Washington. One cool thing about going to school for CMC (Computer Mediated Communications) is that I can stay on top of these sorts of things. I think the big thing now is social networking sites like Facebook and, unfortunately, MySpace. Sad thing is, as I had talked about in an earlier post, they don’t allow for much freedom in terms of content and design.

So in stuff that matters, I’m going to go see Goblet of Fire this weekend if all goes well. Hopefully it will fit in nicely before the Iron Bowl starts and there will be no conflicts there. And if you aren’t an Alabamian, don’t bother even trying to understand the implications of what I just said.


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