Speak the Language

Some of my friends and myself have a running joke between all of us. Though we live in Alabama where such things are sometimes present, there isn’t a shred of racism or hatred in any of us. And I can say with full confidence that we try our darndest to not let any Southern blood run too rich and let it become present. But the joke is, sometimes it just isn’t a good day for minority groups. Especially then they actively promote whatever kind of stereotype may be present about them.

Case in point today.. A gentleman of obvious Indian heritage calls me at the office. His accent is very think and is hardly understandable at all. He’s asking for a simple thing, just our website address. Speaking very clearly and slowly, I tell him the URL five times until he understands. And he has a tone of voice like I have a problem for not getting my message across clearly enough to him. He calls back a second and third time asking questions on how to find things, for reasons I suspect that might have something to do with his obviously not having a firm grasp on the English language. Or at least how to understand it and read it, much less speak it.

What amazes me is that this guy is most likely very intelligent. He was a person of importance at an engineering company, so he has to be. And yet he can’t communicate effectively, or at least have the foresight to have someone else do it for him. As cliched as it sounds, I wish people would learn to speak the darn language before attempting to do anything like this. Nope, it just wasn’t a good day for his minority group. I hope someone of similar descent comes along and proves that stereotype wrong now.


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