DVD’s Suck

As I had gotten a lot of new DVD’s over Christmas, it hit me that DVD’s are beginning to suck. Nay, not beginning. They have been sucking and continuously sucking for over a year now.

Case in point(s):

Spielberg’s War of the Worlds DVD. Great movie, but only one shoddy feature. No internal packaging which outlines individual scenes, no commentary, no fishing, no nothing. The only “extra” is an external and shiny box which looks nice, but serves no point other than making the case not fit into my DVD rack.

Batman Begins. The only extras to be had are the trailers. No, I take that back. Trailer, as in one of them. That’s it.

Something else that berated me, too. My parents got me Batman, but got me the fullscreen edition. That’s allright because my dad got it and doesn’t know that I’m such a film snob and really, really hate fullscreen DVD’s. I planned on taking it back to Wal-Mart and swapping it for the widescreen edition, but get this: Wal-Mart didn’t have Batman Begins anymore in any shape or form. The DVD had only been out for two months at best. What exactly do you have to do to get a normal shelf life these days? Back to the DVD’s themselves, they continue to confuse me. The menus are slick and well designed, which leads you to think that some thought and value went into thier production. But why isn’t there more to the DVD? Commentary tracks? Deleted scenes? Making-of? Anything? Nope.

I have two theories. Either 1, Hollywood is making everyone think the format is becoming stale and is nurturing everyone to think HD-DVD is “more better”. Or 2, Hollywood is trying to woo patrons into loud and smelly theaters and away from thier film consumption method of choice. If we want a quality product, we have to wait many moons for a double-dipped “special edition” of the film package that should have been on the market in the first place.

Either way, the consumer ultimately craps out.


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