Let me calmly take you into a rant that I’m likely about to go on. I’ll tell you that I am a devout lover of Nintendo. I’ve owned a variant of some type of every system they’ve ever produced aside from the Nintendo DS. And I’ll likely own one of those before all is said and done. Also, I’ve loved every piece of hardware and software I’ve ever purchased from them. I do research my purchases, and avoid crap. But I’ve been very happy from everything that has thier gold seal affixed to it. Even after thier heyday of the NES and Super Nintendo. I even loved the N64. Playing games like Goldeneye and Ocarina of Time are forever tattoed in my memory.

However, they are beginning to take a path that I don’t want to follow.

I love the Nintendo Revolution and the possibilities that it affords. It’s capable of wonderful things and engrossing games, and doing so in a new environment that will make all else feel outdated. However, following recent debacles by Nintendo, it’s quite possible it will not do this. The Gamecube did not live up to what it could have done. There’s no excuse for games such as Smash Brothers or Mario Kart to not be online. There’s no excuse for the virtual non-existance of games for the system right now. There’s no excuse for the system to have not had a killer-app game since Wind Waker. Instead of focusing on new types of games and new ways of satisfying consumers, they follow the almighty dollar (from thier point of view) and make a million different Mario Party and Mario Sports games. With all that development time and money, a true Mario game and new Zelda game could have been out by now.

It seems doubtful that Nintendo will fully realize the potential of the wonderful machine they’ve envisioned. At least citing the past few years. There are certain things the company has to do right now. First of all, the new Zelda game needs to come out. Soon. And be damn good. There had better be a good reason we havn’t gotten that in the past year. It had better deliver. The Revolution needs to be what it is promised to be and then some. It better be online, it better have great games, it better show us a new fun way to play. And it can. But whether or not Nintendo chooses to actually do it is another thing.

I love you, Nintendo. You’ve been one of the few constants in my life ever since I was around four years old. Don’t force me to outgrow you and force me to lose one of the last true great things from my childhood. Please come back to me. I will take good care of you, I promise.


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