Star Wars Chic

I’ve always appreciated the lifestyle surrounding aura of Star Wars and all things related and geeky. It’s always been sort of an indescribably cool presence that’s inclusive to so many people, but so exclusive to that group. What’s usually so cool is that somehow, some way, everything can relate back to the core geeky subjects. Subjects like Star Wars, video games, Harry Potter, Ghostbusters, Back to the Future, whatever. Star Wars is simply the nexus and nucleus of the entire lifestyle. It wouldn’t necessarily even have to be specifically about that. With that nucleus, it’d always be relevant, mostly funny, and always pertinent to that specific target audience.

I’m thinking of starting a media consortium that involves sort of a collaboration of all things. Maybe a blog, maybe a podcast too. There are so many things that are involved within the Star Wars Chic lifestyle, the content material would be virtually limitless. Thing is, I would want to market and produce it well. I wouldn’t want it to be any fan site, and I wouldn’t want it to come across as some pansy production either. I also wouldn’t want to advertise it and draw in readers or listeners in a haphazard way. If I were to do it, I’d want to do it all out.

I’m basically asking anyone who reads this if they would have any ideas for this, or would be a regular reader or possible contributor of such a thing. If the answer to any of this is “yes”, give me a holla.


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