Cultural Differences

One of the cooler parts of the college experience I’ve had has been having had the chance to meet a lot of people from a lot of different places.  That might be anywhere from North Carolina, India, California, Japan, wherever.  Along with that, I’ve gotten to learn a lot about the culture and tastes from each of these separate places that people are from.  Some of their cultural habits and tastes are pretty cool, some of them not so much.  At least by my interpretation of them via my own cultural tastes.

I should probably state that these are in no way meant to be a stereotype of any given culture based on region or belief.  They are simply my interpretation of what I can expect from a sample person from any of these demographics.  I’ve been pretty familiar with those domestically, but being from a minuscule town in Alabama, I never had much exposure to other international cultures.  It’s been part of the learning experience of college outside the classroom, and now that I am going to be graduating soon I can at least look back at the most of the experience and sort of sum up what I’ve found to be almost inalienable truths.

First, Japanese people are usually initially very shy when first approached or met.  But once I’ve been able to get to know some of them pretty well, I’ve found them to be some of the most fun and outgoing people I know.  Some friends of mine from similar rural areas like I’m from have usually had a roommate from Japan in their group dorm, and we always have a ton of more fun when they are around.  Simply put, Japanese people are freaking hilarious and a riot to be with.  And it’s not the “laughing at” sort of funny, definitely the “laughing with” variety.

My school being most notable for Engineering, we recieve a lot of engineering students who are here for just that.  As that’s a part of big industry in India, we get a lot of students from there.  I honestly had zero experience at all with this demographic prior to my time here, and really only had misconcieved and stereotypically erroneous information to go on that had been passed on to me secondhand.  I also didn’t know some stuff either.  Such as the fact that they are very personable and will usually get riiiight up in your face to speak with you.  I was really uncomfortable with this at first, but grew to understand it.  I still am uncomfortable with it, but I am a lot more understanding now.  But otherwise, I’ve found individuals from India to be some of the most respectable and dependable people I know.

Those are the two largest groups I’ve dealt with that I hadn’t done so before.  There are others that I might get around to adding to this post later if I find it notable.


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