Game Review: Wario Ware: Smooth Moves

This is quite a bit late, but I would really like to do quite a few reviews of all sorts of media on this site. This is the latest Wii game that I’d bought, and I’m still all about all things Wii, so I’m glad to make it the first test case.

If you are familiar with the Wario Ware series of games, you are more than aware of what you will get yourself into when you unsnap the Smooth Moves disc out of the pearly white case. If not, you probably do well to try out the classic original on Game Boy Advance as a prelude to the Wii outing. But even if you haven’t or don’t plan to, you are still in for a great treat.

Not unline the rest of the games in the series, Smooth Moves follows what can loosely be defined as a storyline, but once you keep ankle deep into the gameplay it doesn’t matter anyways. The true selling point of these games is the wacky gameplay and the combined fun that a group of friends can have while playing them, or at least the fun that can easily be made at the expense of watching someone play it. Basically, you play through hundreds of mini games that take only seconds to complete. Throughout completion of various genres of mini games, you’ll open up new modes such as insanely inventive multiplayer games, and more focused single player games. Some of the mini games include swinging your Wiimote around in was that have you imitating a 70’s era wheelman, lifting weights, and even smashing blocks and earning coins in the guise of Mario.

Unless you are a cute Japanese girl, expect to be heartily made fun of when doing this.

Truth be told, this game will take only a weekend to complete. But Smooth Moves proves to be an Everlasting Gobbstopper of replay value. You’ll find yourself popping it in every once in a while for a quick ten minute “Super Hard” round, or going back to the multiplayer mode for some hot potato type fun with up to around a dozen friends. Smooth Moves exists mostly as an introduction to the Wii system and what can be done with the remote not unlike in intent to Wii Sports, although in in much more odd fashion. As such, it’s an extremely fun game to show off to and play with friends, but will probably seem shallow and overly simplistic after a year or so into the life of the system.

My bottom line is that it is a perfectly fine game to have in your Wii collection, but mostly as a gift purchase. If you are down with the slightly weird way that Wario Ware throws down and have enjoyed the past outings, you are in for a definite treat. If you haven’t played them before, try the two available Wario Ware games for GBA first before you take the plunge. If it’s for you, you’ll have a blast. If not, you’re probably better off with something of more substance like Madden or Elebits for your first post-Zelda Wii purchase.


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