UndoTV Private Beta Begins

A few hours ago, I recieved my invitation email to UndoTV, the new IPTV network from Chris Pirillo and Leo Lapote set to fill in the void left by the untimely departure of TechTV.

You are invited!

You recently signed up for a UndoTV invitation code. We are excited to have you participate in our private beta and would like to thank you for your patience.

UndoTV is the premier group to debut on PikSpot Groups, a platform where members can publish, rate, and share original content and ideas within interest based communities.

Over the next few weeks we will be inviting a limited number of people like yourself to submit and review content and provide feedback on the website. The site is still under construction and we would love to hear your suggestions, feedback, and bug reports.
(register link removed)
This link is only valid for a single registration using the same email address which you registered with

There are a number of new features on the way and we look forward to your participation.

On behalf of UndoTV

The PikSpot Team

I of course, immediately signed up. UndoTV  Right below is the interface of the site / network.  I’ll be sure to post more later today.





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