The 2007 Movie Grade List

A thread on a messageboard that I frequent recently had a suggestion that you take all of the new films that you have seen in 2007 and give them a grade as if you were grading them in a classroom.  I haven’t had the chance to see a whole lot of new films this past year, but I thought I’d share my results here as well.

Rocky Balboa – B+
Spider-man 3 – B-
Pirates 3 – A-
Ratatoille – A+

The Departed – A+
Lady in the Water – A-
Little Miss Sunshine – B+
Tenacious D: The Pick of Destiny – C+
Children of Men – A-
Ghost Rider – B+

The best of the year so far is a toss up between The Departed and Ratatouille.  Both of which were great films on totally different scales.  I’d really like to scale Pirates III higher, but even though I loved it, it still had a tone that didn’t really fit in perfectly with the first two.  As I’ve said on a few occaisions, it felt like it was trying too hard to be the Return of the King of the Pirates series and forgot that it had a totally seperate tone and purpose.  I still love it, however.  The biggest disappointment goes to Tenacious D.  I love Jack Black movies, but this one was so mind nummingly dull and stupid.  Which still makes it funny in scenes, but he’s capable of so much more.

I’m still really looking forward to a bunch of stuff this month.  Harry Potter and The Simpsons most of all.  I should probably see Transformers sometime this week, but I’m honestly not expecting the world of it or anything.


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