Planning a Tech Conference

At work, I’m helping organize a technology related conference that is upcoming this December.  “Helping”, in this context, meaning designing and updating the website and blog for the event.  But I’m pretty happy with that, as they are the public faces of the event.  The upcoming event is titled “E Info Global Symposium” and is largely targeted towards technology topics as they relate to university libraries.  I’ve been there, and also thought that there couldn’t be much in that area.  Now that I’ve worked here in some capacity for more than a year and now work as a full time staff member here, I know how wrong I was.  It seems that everything is automated in some way or another, or at least will be eventually.  I’m still a relative n00b to this whole area, but with the directions that tech is taking, it seems that within a decade there will be no reason to even actually set foot into a library.  It will all be online.

I was talking with a co-worker buddy of mine this past week about things that we would like to see done with the event, since we are both of the same generation that grew up watching ZDTV / TechTV and learned to love technology and related topics through that channel.  I wouldn’t really try to get my foot in the door of the actual planning of the event as it already has a very knowledgeable chairperson.  That aside, I’m still not fully knowledgeable myself of some of the types of topics that will be covered.  I mainly handle the visual look of things, not really the dirty back ends that the reference and tech  librarians here handle very well.  But I do think that it would be awesome to try to get some of the ZD/TechTV alumni.  Leo Laporte is way too busy and would be impossible to get, but I think a John Dvorak or Patrick Norton would be great.  They would be a great draw for nerds like me who are all about the tech and its theory, but not necessarily the library side of things.  But then again, probably not so much for librarians.  Such a relative form of sensationalism would be counteractive to what the event is trying to accomplish.  Which is why I’m not really keen on immediately offering that sort of support.

Even though, I’m still pumped about actually being in on this sort of thing.  It’s the sort of thing that I had hoped to be in on after graduation, and here it is for me just a few months after the fact.


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