Steve Jobs: The Original AT&T Hacker

It’s not too often that I find a bit of news or opinion from Digg that’s all that insightful. I do love to frequent the site, but it’s more a hotbed of “OMG, Most (Adjective) Image of (Something) You Will See All Day” sort of posts. If that’s what the community wants, so be it. But I digress.

However, this article definitely caught my eye.

Amidst all the hoopla of the “cat and mouse game” amongst iPhone unlockers and the Apple that has sworn service to AT&T to protect it, it’s funny to remember that Jobs and The Woz were one of the first to truly hack AT&T for all they were worth. And they were hardcore. There’s currently talk amongst the tech talk circuit that Apple may be turning into the new Microsoft in the field of portable tech entertainment. Having recently bought the new-gen Nano and having gone through the “registration” process, I can see the similarities. But it’s nice to see within this article what sort of company Apple was to begin with when the perception of them as a bunch of really bright hippies was actually true.


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