By All Means, Use AutoStitch

A few months ago, we had purchased a year pro account with Flickr where I work at. We were constantly uploading images onto our server for others to look at and using stupid Photoshop directory templates prior to that, so it only made sense. While I was taking a bunch of pictures to fill it with stuff for the time being, a buddy of mine who worked with us at the time suggested a program called AutoStitch to me for some camera trickery.

I had previously tried to do some panoramic shots with the utility included in Photoshop CS2, but it wasn’t working out so well. In fact, it sucked. The above image was edited with AutoStitch within a span of about ten to fifteen seconds, while it took me about five minutes to achieve a poor version within CS2. While AutoStitch does the color coordination and image matching for you, you basically have to manually do it with Photoshop and make your best guess virtually all the time.

If you find yourself needing to make such images for layout purposes, or basically just want to have fun, I can’t suggest the program enough. It’s free, lightweight, and does an amazing job.  I’ve been using it for both purposes for some time now and don’t know how I did without it beforehand.


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