Best of 2007: Part II

First off, thanks to everyone who commented on my post of yesterday. I’ll be sure to check out American Gangster, initially because I’m a sucker for Ridley Scott. Also, there’s probably no excuse for me not to have seen No Country For Old Men, as I’m also partial to the Coen Brothers, who seem to be masterful of any genre, time period or location they tackle.

But anyways, on to today, where I wanted to cover technology and news that I found to be the best and biggest of the year. Again, you might disagree with what I pick. And that’s just fine. If you have other choices or ideas, please let me know. I’ll most likely follow up on any suggestions you have by checking it out for myself or doing a follow up post later on.

Best Tech Trend of the Year: Going Mobile

iPhoneI sort of wanted to pick a gadget or technology of the year, but I find it impossible in this sort of year. That’s because 2007 has been the year when everyone adopted the idea of taking everything with you. The popularity of the Nintendo DS has reached the stratosphere. The iPhone arguably lived up to the hype. Video is now a standard feature in iPods / Zunes. The idea of a micro-PC is one that is taking off. But it’s not just the hardware, it’s what we can do with it. Platforms such as Twitter and Pounce have the right idea with making mobile updating a normal and social activity. Thanks to the WGA strike, more and more people are taking the time to look into audio and video podcasts that they might not otherwise seek out.

It’s been talked about for years, but the emergence of cheaper technology, better services, and just plain happenstance are creating the perfect storm that could make the old fashioned PC a much less needed tool. That said, 2008 is going to be pretty interesting in this regard if the WGA strike continues.

Honorable Mention: Facebook Jumps The Shark. Which seems to be more apt in light of the whole beacon fiasco.

News Story of the Year: The Free Falling President and the Indifferent Public

Let’s list all of these types of stories surrounding Bush in 2007. He commuted Scooter Libby. He’s been misleading the American public since August about Iran. He’s hushed the pursuit of Science. He’s granted himself and his administration immunity from war crimes. He personally ordered torture tactics in Guantanamo. He’s destroyed the 5th Amendment by enacting an ‘Executive Order’ which can ban any and all protest. And, this is real, he called the Constitution of the United States “..just a (expletive) piece of paper”.

We could go on all day citing instances like this. We could also go on wondering aloud and making jokes as to why the American public cared more about an affair with an intern as opposed to impeachable offenses. But the fact that, despite his amazingly poor approval ratings, no one wants to do anything about it. Even the Democratic majority that we elected are wusses and don’t want to do anything about it. And we’re left with just two simple and scary facts. Bush thinks what he does is right, and the majority in our country are too busy anticipating American Idol to really care.


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