The Ron Paul Revolution

It’s almost caught me by storm too.  While I mostly consider myself a Democrat, I’ve always said that I would happily vote for any Republican who I felt could do the job well.  While I still like Barrack Obama, Ron Paul has really convinced me as well.  It’s unlikely that the two will directly face off as the nominees from each party.  But if it does, while I wouldn’t know who to vote for, it’s a win-win scenario.

That aside, there’s something else I wanted to look at within this post.  Not really the politics or stances of either candidates, but the media portrayal of Ron Paul.  For whatever reason, media on both the left and the right have seen it fit to ignore him whenever possible.  That’s despite the fact that he continually wins just about every straw poll that his name is on.  And even some that it wasn’t on.  I can grasp why Republican leaning outlets such as Fox News see it in their best interest to censor him when possible because of the fact that he’s in no way a rank and file Republican.  Arguably, the man is still a Libertarian as he once was.  That’s in addition to the fact that he wants to scale back domestic spying programs and wants out of Iraq.  Perhaps not being a rank and file anything hurts him in the media as well, I’m not sure.

Whatever the case, this story intrigues the heck out of me, and still would even if I didn’t completely like Ron Paul as a candidate.  The ongoing story is exposing the media as having a controlling interest of hearts and minds, possibly even exposing them as being outrageously irresponsible of said power over the people.  And really, the Equal Time Rule doesn’t really apply in the context of news media.  When Ron Paul is doing things raising six million dollars in a single day, it’s proving to be impossible to continually ignore the man and his supporters.  If his momentum and support keeps up, and there’s no reason that it shouldn’t, it’s going to get interesting.


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