Tip: Using The Wii As A Media Center

Let’s get this out of the way first. The Wii will never be quite as good as the 360 or PS3 for this purpose. The fact that those systems had that function in mind during development is one that the Wii can’t boast about. But should you find yourself in the scenario in which you want or need to use the Wii as a media center, I think that after a lot of time of digging, I’ve found the best solution as of the moment.

I’ve tried similar sources such as Orb and the like, but far and above, the best option is using a program called TVersity. Which basically turns your main computer that it is running on into the real media server and streams it to your Wii via the Internet Channel. Okay, I know. It sounds like it wouldn’t work. But I’ve installed it and have played around with it enough to stand before you and confess that, yes, it does indeed work. There’s a number of obstacles that have to be crossed in order for it to do so, but it seamlessly takes care of them for you. The biggest of which is that it converts practically any video format to .flv for you in virtual real time. Granted, it isn’t perfect. Certain formats convert slower than others and need a minute to load sort of like a YouTube video.

What has really impressed me is that its directory constantly refreshes itself. So whenever iTunes downloads a new podcast or other content, it’ll show up in your media browser as soon as it’s finished. Which is a way better option than using the RSS feed option, especially for video podcasts. And really, iTunes content is really where the program shines. Those formats seem to work best, which really turns the Wii into a slimmed down Apple TV. Sure, it’s not in high res, and it’s still a little shaky, but it’s still basically doing the same thing that a three hundred dollar device does.

The whole thing is still admittedly a little iffy, though. The Wii browser isn’t really equipped for such a memory hogging program, but some of the goons on the TVersity forums have found ways around it that I’ve yet to try. Like I said, if you are already doing this on a360 or PS3, this will just be a joke to you. But if your Wii is your main console, and you’ve been jealous of what friends can do, this is the best possible route at the moment.


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