Real Life Halo Warthog

Though GM is denying it up and down, they simply can not dispute the fact that the new Hummer HX is not the real life equivalent of the Halo Warthog. Look at the two and deny their resemblance, and I shall call you a liar.

Even though it shall from this point on become the dream of every fanboy to roll on one of these, I’m sure that the price tag won’t allow even the most spoiled with the richest parents to grant it to them. Though I do have to say that I’m really interested in the idea of video games having such a strong influence on real life products of this magnitude.

Since it somewhat blurs the line between the two, I wonder if those who do have access to both Halo and the Hummer HX will be able to seperate the two. I know from experience that when I’ve driven somewhere after playing a game like Need For Speed: Underground for example, the same driving tendancies always strike me. And seriously, nobody drives a Warthog in a purposefully sane manner. Halo turns into Monster Truck Rally once everyone gets in one.

But I must admit, I really want to ride shotgun in the back of that HX with a paintball gun.


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