CBS / WHNT Blacks Out Rove / Siegleman Story On 60 Minutes

Normally, I’d like to keep this as more of a blog utilizing critical thinking as opposed to one detailing bits of news as they happen, but I feel like I should make an exception in this case. This is a story that hasn’t gotten a lot of attention, and it deserves to.

Apparently, during the airing of 60 Minutes on CBS, a piece detailing the relationship between Karl Rove and former Alabama Governor Don Siegleman was suspiciously blacked out. Specifically, only that story was blocked out, and was only blocked out in Alabama markets. Even more fascinating is an article now being published by The Raw Story. Basically, it details how the blackout could have only been an editorial call, and also runs down how WHNT was purchased by Oak Hill Capital Partners, who was a large fundraiser for both Bush / Cheney campaigns.If you are in the same market as I am, I urge you to call WHNT and present them with the facts in both articles. Their number is (256) 535-9330. This type of censorship should not be allowed in our day and age. Especially in our backyard.

Feb 26 Update: This post has gotten far more involved and lengthy than I initially would have cared for it to, so I’ve moved the rest of the updates to this page.  If there’s any further updates to it, I’ll post a notification on this post.

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One response to “CBS / WHNT Blacks Out Rove / Siegleman Story On 60 Minutes

  • Denise Vickers

    I am emailing to update you on the situation at WHNT-TV in Huntsville, Alabama. I know that you are aware of the problem we experienced last night during the 60 Minutes brodacast. I want to make sure you know that we re-aired the segment in its entirety last night during our 10pm newscast and again tonight at 6pm.

    I hope you will inform the readers of your blog by posting an update. We regret that this problem happened. We would never intentionally create such a PR nightmare for ourselves. We have been working to remedy this and make sure that the public gets as many chances as possible to see this story. The technical failure we experienced happened at the worst possible time and we profusely regret it.

    I know that the timing of the failure fuels the notion of a conspiracy. But, I can assure there was no conspiracy at play here. That is a patently false accusation and I hope you will update your readers on the efforts we have made to make amends.

    Initially, we thought the problem was on CBS’ end. It was a logical assumption on our part since we had a problem 24 hours earlier with a televised feed of a basketball game from CBS. However, upon further investigation, we discovered the problem was on our end. Our engineers worked quickly to diagnose the problem and fix it.

    The 60 Minutes segment is also available online on both and So, I feel confident that any and all people who missed it during the technical failure now have had adequate opportunity to view this story.

    Please let me know if I can answer any further questions for you or your readers. My email address is

    Denise Vickers
    Station Manager/News Director

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