Happy Pi Day

On March 14th, it’s always cool to remember how awesomely cool Pi really is.


While I’m sure that many others will cover many of the fascinating mathematical factors associated with Pi, one thing that has always intrigued me is the stuff of legend in which it is made of.  As I’m sure Weird Al has made you aware of by now, it’s rad to remember it to as many places as possible.  But did you know that the infatuation with the idea has even brought about learned scholars and writers to imply divine influence on Pi?  For example Carl Sagan, a noted atheist, proposed within his book of theory (posing as a novel) Contact, that Pi could in theory house a message from God himself.  He never proposed that this could in fact be true, but pondered aloud at the factors which suggested it.

Or even cooler, you may have never heard of these verses, not only about Pi, but a sneaky way of helping to remember its multiple digits.

Now I defy a tenet gallantly
Of circle canon law: these integers
Importing circles’ quotients are, we see,
Unwieldy long series of cockle burs
Put all together, get no clarity;
Mnemonics shan’t describeth so reformed
Creating, with a grammercy plainly,
A sonnet liberated yet conformed.
Strangely, the queer’st rules I manipulate
Being followéd, do facilitate
Whimsical musings from geometric bard.
This poesy, unabashed as it’s distressed,
Evolvéd coherent – a simple test,
Discov’ring poetry no numerals jarred.  

Again, Pi is just utterly fascinating.  I can’t even begin to touch as to why, it’s just legendary.  


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