Eight Levels of Geekery For a Good Cause

There was an unprecedented intersection of about eight different planes of geekdom happening around a week or so ago, but unfortunately the mainstream media barely covered it.  And if you follow me on Twitter, you probably have some idea of how much disdain I have for that paticular sect of media.  Even more iresome in this round of my continuing struggle with them was the fact that in the little coverage that was given to this event, it was mostly satirical or jovial in nature.

If you missed it, that event included George Lucas testifying before the House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee.  And he wasn’t asking for fundraising to build an army of AT-AT’s as many would have you believe.  Instead, he was continuing his promotion of furthering the use of technology and the internet in education.  Long forgotten by some, and usually neglected by many, Lucas has long been active in his own education foundation maned Edutopia.  In association with his intents through this foundation, Lucas was in Washington campaigning for access to the internet to be considered more or less a a part of Natural Law.  Specifically in this regard, he has been a huge proponent of getting reliable access to rural and high cost areas for the benefit of education.

I feel really bad for Lucas and his cause, because his appearance was blatently mocked and recontextualized by nearly all.  Many House members failed to take him seriously, seeming more intent to mock his appearance with lame Star Wars related jokes.  Even the MSM, which I grow more bitter with every day, made sure that nearly all of the photos seen of him were with some type of Star Wars memoribillia.  Closer looks and investigation would prove that these were things brought by admirers for him to autograph, though no one seems to keen to make that fact well known.  And it’s a downright shame.  Lucas is an honest visionary, and a great evangelist of technology with the best intents of stewardship.

The point that Lucas was trying to bring about is his proposal to create a “third internet”, specifically tailored for free educational access.  I’ve worked with technology in educational environments since 2002, and his idea is mostly one that I agree with.  Considering that the internet in general has historical ties to universities, it’s a real wonder that the idea hadn’t taken real shape earlier.

But at the very least, you the reader hopefully now know what Lucas was really was up to in this collision of worlds.


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