I’ve been gone quite a while, haven’t I?

One of the first things that you find when you have far more to do than you’d probably like is that you don’t particularly enjoy devoting your free time to anything that has anything to do with it.  I’ve had far too much work piled upon me lately, most of which involves creating and editing new web content.  So of course the last thing that I want to see during a rare break or at the end of the day is yet another content manager of some type.  It’s more than a bit discouraging to have the burden of responsibility suck the life out of any creativity you may have.

If and when free time presents itself again, I do hope to revive this blog.  Along with a few other web projects that I’ve had to abandon.  But I did think it would be nice to at least alert anyone who might somehow be using this as their one avenue to me that I am in fact not dead or anything.


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