The Best iPod Idea You (Might) Hear All Day


I’m really not sure at all if this has already been thought of. In fact, there very well may be an iPod Touch / iPhone app that does something similar to it for all I know. If you are aware of anything like it, drop me a line in the comments.

So here’s the scenario. I own two iPods, a Touch and a previous generation Nano. I don’t really use either one any more than the other. Both have better environments for use, and my wife and I often randomly take one or the other to work with us. I often listen to a ton of podcasts and audiobooks, again not on either one in particular. It’s often difficult for me to find the spot in a podcast or audiobook where I left off when I switch iPods. Sure, I can sync them both to iTunes on the home computer, but I don’t usually sync them both on a regular basis. That said, what’s the reason that my iPod Touch can’t “phone home” to iTunes via WiFi? It could send iTunes my bookmarks and previous listen points. So if I sync my Nano prior to syncing my Touch, it will still be able to pick up from the last position.

That may be too much voodoo to work for a simple problem, but it would certainly be a welcome addition to the iPhone 3.0 software or any other future Apple hardware with built in WiFi. It certainly seems like one of those “let us do it for you” Apple sort of things, and I really wonder if they’ve considered doing it. Make it happen, Steve.


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