Losing Weight Without Realizing It

wii-fit-20080402033451881_640w.jpgAround two months ago, I stood on a scale and saw that I was around 185 pounds.  Let me say that I do realize that this would be a respectable weight for a six foot guy at my age, but the consideration is rarely made that a fair percentage of that weight should be made in muscle, not fat.  In my case I had been spending too much time sitting in cars, offices, and living room couches, so you can assume what made up my weight.  After being just a little bit embarrassed while shirtless on a beach trip, I realized that it was finally time for a lifestyle change.  My metabolism isn’t what it was when I was 17 and it was time to start making up for it.

Last night, Wii Fit was happy to inform me that I’m now at around 173.  Over a ten pound loss in two months!  Plus, I feel like I have more engergy lately and my shirtless reflection in the mirror is looking a lot better lately.  Honestly, I made very few changes.  I know they’ll not work for everyone, and I’m in no way any kind of expert on this subject, but I thought I’d share the small number of things I did consciously change that seem to have helped.

One Hour of Activity – For the past month or so, I’ve set a goal to spend at least one hour a day outside doing something.  I tend to stay outside during the warmer months, so this wasn’t a big problem.  While I do try to take a walk or a bike ride a number of days out of the week, I’m not always doing something extremely strenuous.  Sometimes it’s just washing the car or watering the plants.  Using a push mower to cut grass comes into play a few days out of the week, I’m sure that doesn’t hurt either.  And after spending eight hours of the day in front of a computer monitor, it feels good to actually be doing something.  It feels good to be moving around and I always find that I end up spending more time outside and having fun doing it.

Working Out – Ever since high school, I’ve made a habit of doing a few push ups and sit ups most days out of the week.  But it wasn’t until recently that I realized that what I was doing what essentially pointless.  I never pushed myself and became complacent.  But recently, I’ve changed my habits a bit.  At least four days out of the week, I’ll simply keep doing those kinds of things until I feel like I simply can’t do it anymore.  No particular numerical goal in mind, just a goal of pushing myself further each time.  And every time I do it, I’m able to do more and I feel less sore.

Eating Right – I know.  These things sound self explanatory and are always the things you hear all the time on the subject.  But this is the perfect example of taking the time to think more about your goals and sticking to it.  You always think to yourself that you should eat healthier, but for me, it wasn’t until I actively involved myself into a specific goal of doing it that I noticed the effects.  And it doesn’t have to be big things either.  I stopped putting a lot of butter on things, I switched to Diet Coke (which tastes exactly the same as regular Coke eventually), I started eating healthier lunches, I cut out constant snacking.  Just small stuff like that.  And I still eat at Burger King and have junk food, just far more rarely.  A burger or piece of cake every day will make you chunky, but not once a week.

The Small Things – Again, this seems pretty obvious.  But when you add them up in your mind throughout the day, it makes a difference.  Always take the stairs instead of the elevator or park your car farther away in the parking lot, for example.  I could list a ton of different things like this because there are a million little things you can do throughout the day that add up.  You’ll know what they are when you see them.

Like I said earlier, these sort of things probably aren’t going to work for everyone.  But again, I’m nothing resembling an expert on this so they could for all I know.  But I do know they’re working pretty well for me, and that the main thing has been keeping to it.


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