Kinetic Typography

This is something I’ve been becoming more interested in lately.  I think one of the best things you can do with design is strive for simplicity, and using only fonts and color is one of the most simple things you can do.  But if you add just one more dimension to that, you get something really special.

These are three really great uses of motion typography that I’ve found on YouTube.  There are a ton of these on there, but not many that really get the point across as well as these do.  There are just a few small things that really make these great, apart from just being really darn simple.  They use minimalist fonts, only use other iconography when it makes complete sense, and use font sizes and motion to great effect.  Granted, you typically only see this sort of thing in commercials.  But when you take marketing out of the equation, you get something really special


One response to “Kinetic Typography

  • daronline

    Wow…I’ve been getting really interested in Kinetic Typography as well. Its completely interesting and amazing, and I wish I knew how to make my own…Or be creative enough to do this.

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