Reasons The Zombie Apocalypse Will Be Awesome

Absolution of Traditional Responsibility

Given that the world inhabited with zombies will soon see the crumbling of financial and government institutions, currency and all of the responsibilities surrounding them will soon be extinct.  As a result of which, there won’t be a need to worry about rent, car payments, mortgages, and other bills.  You’ll have what you already had, and you can also have what the undead once had.  You won’t be reporting to any boss and won’t be in any debt.  All that matters is killing zombies.  Which leads me to my next point.

Guilt Free Violence

In a world overrun by the Zombie Plague, carrying a shotgun and the same supply of bullets that you bought on The Oregon Trail is standard issue.  The rules are pretty simple.  Kill or be killed.  And when in small numbers, zombies are fairly easy (and fun) to kill.  There are no moral implications to murdering a zombie.  In fact, you just did the land of a living a favor.

No More Rules of Society

All of that bullcrap about who wears the most expensive suit to work is thrown out the window.  Politics at the job are meaningless, and classes are limited to two: the living and the dead.  In fact, all of that stereotypical forty hour work week garbage is thrown out the window.  Your full time job is zombie killing and your wages are survival.  Driving a BMW and having a big bank account isn’t going to help you get ahead in life, just as much as it isn’t helping the undead afterwards.


While it may seem like life following the apocalypse might be pretty straightforward, there are actually a lot of options when it comes to how you can choose to survive.  You can choose to board up your home and hold up fort there.  The zombies would likely never learn of your existence if you lived a quiet life, but that does present problems in terms of procuring supplies and necessities.  If that doesn’t sound good, you could also live as a nomad and travel wherever you liked.  Now that the undead aren’t using their former homes, you could just take up residence there.  In the land of the dead, your options are limitless


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