Live from SXSW

I’ve just gotten into the Austin Convention Center, and have already gone through a somewhat painless badge pick up process. I actually got in here a bit earlier than I anticipated and I’m in Ballroom D now waiting to hear from Jason Calicanis and Tim O’Rielley. I’m hoping to hear Google’s Marissa Meyer just after this in the same ballroom, so we’ll see how it goes.

The panel I’m about to sit in on should be about instructional technology textbooks, so this fits in pretty well to the stuff we’re doing at UAH. I’ll update as the afternoon goes along, luckily the convention center has great WiFi here.

Okay, I decided that I actually wanted to listen to all of that stuff instead of type out everything that was said. The first panel yesterday wasn’t too informative and was mostly tech gossip, so I didn’t stick around too long. What was awesome was the Marissa Meyer / Google keynote, which showed a lot of new Google Mobile features and solicited a lot of feedback. I even got to ask Marissa a question and asked how Mobile might crossover with Higher Ed. She said this is something they are absolutely looking into, I hope my question spurs some growth in that area.

The first panel I’m at today is about print design, which is something I’ve been working a lot with the past few years. I’ve got a lot of great panels coming up later today, I’ll update on them later if I get the chance.

Final update: So Twitter and Foursquare were far better options for covering this than using WordPress on my iPad.  I’ll have a full detailed post of everything I learned and all my adventures up soon.


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